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BACKGROUND Approximately 1-2% of women suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) postnatally. This review aims to elucidate how women at risk can be identified. METHODS A systematic search of the published literature was carried out using the MEDLINE database (November 2003 to 29 October 2010) with both MeSH terms and free text. Thirty-one studies(More)
OBJECTIVE To find out whether women with bacterial vaginosis detected early in pregnancy are at increased risk of preterm delivery. DESIGN Prospective description cohort study. SETTING Antenatal clinic in a district general hospital. SUBJECTS 783 women examined during their first antenatal clinic visit and screened for recognised risk factors for(More)
Listeria is commonly found in processed and prepared foods and listeriosis is associated with high morbidity and mortality. Preventative measures are well prescribed and monitoring and voluntary recall of contaminated products has resulted in a 44% reduction in the prevalence of perinatal listeriosis in the USA. Pregnant women are at high risk for(More)
BACKGROUND This study was undertaken to characterize the vaginal microbiota throughout normal human pregnancy using sequence-based techniques. We compared the vaginal microbial composition of non-pregnant patients with a group of pregnant women who delivered at term. RESULTS A retrospective case-control longitudinal study was designed and included(More)
Vaginal microbiome studies provide information that may change the way we define vaginal flora. Normal flora appears dominated by one or two species of Lactobacillus. Significant numbers of healthy women lack appreciable numbers of vaginal lactobacilli. Bacterial vaginosis (BV) is not a single entity, but instead consists of different bacterial communities(More)
We investigated the possibility of preterm birth misclassification as a determinant of variation in its reported rates. Using a database of 497,105 deliveries from 17 hospitals, the best estimate of gestational age made at delivery and entered into the database at that time was recalculated from the menstrual dates and mid-trimester ultrasound scan. The(More)
OBJECTIVES To determine if the risks of perinatal mortality and antepartum stillbirth associated with post term birth increase earlier during pregnancy in South Asian and black women than in white women, and to investigate differences in the factors associated with antepartum stillbirth between the racial groups. DESIGN Prospective study using logistic(More)
This study was conducted to determine the relationship between lactobacilli and bacterial species associated with bacterial vaginosis in pregnancy and the prevalence of H2O2-producing and non-producing strains of lactobacilli in pregnant women whose vaginal flora had already been analysed. Information was available for 174 pregnant women whose vaginal flora(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the longitudinal changes in the incidence of vaginosis in pregnancy. DESIGN A prospective study of women during pregnancy. SETTING A District General Hospital in North-West London. SUBJECTS Seven hundred and eighteen pregnant women attending antenatal clinics. At their first attendance and subsequently, Gram-stained vaginal(More)