Ronald E Kennedy

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Although there has been evidence for some time of a sex difference in depression, relatively little research has examined the developmental process by which women come to be at greater risk than men for depression. In this paper, the developmental pattern of depressed affect is examined over early and middle adolescence, with a special focus on the patterns(More)
OBJECTIVE Despite improvements in endograft technology, operator skill, and patient selection, endovascular aneurysm repair continues to be associated with device-related complications. A retrospective, observational study was undertaken to evaluate the clinical outcome and imaging findings of a unique device having externally-mounted, conformable graft(More)
Between 1982 and 1987, 32 patients with severe aortorenal atherosclerosis had simultaneous aortic and bilateral renal revascularization. All patients were hypertensive. Eighteen patients (56%) had renal insufficiency with a mean serum creatinine (SC) of 2.8 mg/dl. Nine patients had an aortic aneurysm; the remaining 23 patients had aortoiliac occlusive(More)
Biochemical and electron microscope studies were conducted to determine the effects of traumatic shock on rabbit alveolar macrophages. Both resting and phagocytosing macrophages from the shocked animals, in comparison to comparable control macrophages, showed increased release of acid phosphatase from the cells into medium upon incubation in vitro, but(More)