Ronald E. J. Mitchel

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Toll-like receptor-4 (TLR4) plays a critical role in innate and acquired immunity, but its role in radio-resistance is unknown. We used TLR4 knockout (KO,(-/-)) mice and gut commensal depletion methods, to test the influence of TLR4 and its' in vivo agonist on basal radio-resistance. We found that mice deficient in TLR4 were more susceptible to IR-induced(More)
BACKGROUND There is evidence for a role of ionizing radiation in cardiovascular diseases. The goal of this work was to identify changes in oxidative and nitrative stress pathways and the status of the endothelinergic system during progression of atherosclerosis in ApoE-deficient mice after single and repeated exposure to ionizing radiation. METHODS AND(More)
Epidemiological studies indicate long-term risks of ionizing radiation on the heart, even at moderate doses. In this study, we investigated the inflammatory, thrombotic and fibrotic late responses of the heart after low-dose irradiation (IR) with specific emphasize on the dose rate. Hypercholesterolemic ApoE-deficient mice were sacrificed 3 and 6 months(More)
to correct errors in the in-text references throughout the article. The in-text references did not accurately correspond to the references 14–78 in the Reference list. The authors apologize for the errors. Please download this article again to view the correct version. The originally published, uncorrected article and the republished, corrected article are(More)
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