Ronald E. Giachetti

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Direct implementation of extended arithmetic operators on fuzzy numbers is computationally complex. Implementation of the extension principle is equivalent to solving a nonlinear programming problem. To overcome this difficulty many applications limit the membership functions to certain shapes, usually either triangular fuzzy numbers (TFN) or trapezoidal(More)
We present a uniied framework for the quantization of a family of discrete dynamical systems of varying degrees of \chaoticity". The systems to be quantized are piecewise aane maps on the two-torus, viewed as phase space, and include the au-tomorphisms, translations and skew translations. We then treat some discontinuous transformations such as the Baker(More)
The material and manufacturing process selection problem is a multi-attribute decision making problem. These decisions are made during the preliminary design stages in an environment characterized by imprecise and uncertain requirements, parameters, and relationships. Material and process selection decisions must occur before design for manufacturing can(More)
This paper presents the preliminary results of an ongoing research project investigating the patient appointment scheduling for an outpatient clinic. The outpatient clinic was experiencing three problems of long patient throughput times, a large backlog of appointments, and a high no-show rate. We believe a new scheduling approach called Open Access could(More)
Healthcare facilities, especially hospitals, are under financial pressure to control cost. One element that affects cost significantly is staff. We have developed a tool that integrates a simulation model and an integer linear program (ILP). The simulation model establishes the staffing requirements for each period, and the ILP produces an optimal calendar(More)
Manufacturing enterprises are being forced into greater collaboration with customers and suppliers in order to produce quality products in smaller batches, shorter lead times, and with greater variety. Consequently, the design-for-manufacturing task must be conducted in these virtual and distributed enterprises across traditional organizational boundaries.(More)
Engineering design is characterized by a high level of imprecision, vague parameters, and ill-defined relationships. In design, imprecision reduction must occur to arrive at a final product specification. Few design systems exist for adequately representing design imprecision, and formally reducing it to precise values. Fuzzy set theory has considerable(More)