Ronald E. Burge

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We propose a design for a phase mask for generating an optical vortex with suppressed sidelobes in the focal plane where the radius of the intensity ring is variable. A radial modulation added to conventional phase mask exp(iltheta) projects the light diffracted from different annular zones into a single intensity ring in the focal plane.
We report a 2D static binary phase Dammann vortex grating that combines the features of a conventional vortex grating and a Dammann grating. This grating uniformly distributes energies among the diffraction orders, so the low-efficiency problem at higher diffraction orders of conventional vortex gratings is resolved and the detection range of the optical(More)
A brief description is given of the eight image signals that can be simultaneously recorded in digital form using an appropriate data recording system and high resolution STEM; this involves a set of detectors covering bright and dark field. Details are provided of the collection and manipulation of image data for STEM, including on-line estimation of(More)