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We compared two tasks that are widely used in research on mentalizing--false belief stories and animations of rigid geometric shapes that depict social interactions--to investigate whether the neural systems that mediate the representation of others' mental states are consistent across these tasks. Whereas false belief stories activated primarily the(More)
Making conclusions about the functional neuroanatomical organization of the human brain requires methods for relating the functional anatomy of an individual's brain to population variability. We have developed a method for aligning the functional neuroanatomy of individual brains based on the patterns of neural activity that are elicited by viewing a(More)
Some time ago Rubakov and Shaposhnikov suggested that elementary particles might be excitations trapped on a soliton in a flat higher dimensional space. They gave as an example φ 4 theory in five dimensions with a bosonic excitation on a domain wall φ cl in the fifth dimension. They also trapped a chiral Dirac particle on the domain wall with the(More)
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