Ronald Dorn

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Magnetic resonance (MR) imaging has increased sensitivity in detection of nonenhancing brain tumors and may show the extent of CNS neoplasia with greater detail than CT. Magnetic resonance images of the canine brain were acquired in two dogs with diffuse leptomeningeal and cerebral low grade astrocytoma. Abnormalities were identified with MR imaging when CT(More)
Borocaptate sodium (Na2B12H11SH) is a potentially useful compound for boron neutron capture therapy of intracranial tumors. Tumor and normal tissue boron concentrations were evaluated in 30 dogs with naturally occurring intracranial tumors after i.v. borocaptate sodium infusion (55 mg boron/kg). Postmortem tissue boron concentrations were measured for three(More)
Borocaptate sodium (Na2B12H11SH) is a boron-carrying compound under consideration for use in boron neutron capture therapy. The biodistribution of boron from borocaptate sodium administration will partly determine boron neutron capture therapy efficacy and normal tissue radiation tolerance. The biodistribution of boron was determined in 30 dogs with(More)
Six patients with Hodgkin's disease who failed MOPP (mechlorethamine, vincristine, prednisone, and procarbazine) chemotherapy, with recurrences confined to lymph node areas, are reported. All patients were treated with tumoricidal doses of irradiation in mantle, inverted Y, or whole-abdominal fields. All six patients achieved complete remission, with(More)
at The Sun Valley Lodge. While there are other conferences that concentrate on a particular facet of breast cancer, the design and goals of this conference are unusual. In order to maximize interaction of investigators and clinicians the meetings are; limited in size, focused on presentation of current studies and allow time for extensive discussion. The(More)
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