Ronald Davie

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PURPOSE To correlate the imaging and histological findings in diffuse neurofibroma. PATIENTS AND METHODS Retrospective review of clinical, imaging and histological findings in two patients with diffuse neurofibroma. RESULTS CT demonstrates diffuse infiltration of the deep and subcutaneous fat, isodense to muscle. Magnetic resonance imaging shows(More)
Sixty-seven patients with incompletely excised basal cell carcinomas are reviewed. No recurrences were seen in seven patients who had immediate supplementary treatment; 23 of 60 patients submitted to a "wait and see" regimen developed recurrent disease, Recurrence was commoner in those in whom both the lateral and deep margins were involved, and when the(More)
Cryosurgery is an alternative treatment option to surgical excision for lentigo maligna. Clinical evidence of recurrence is usually characterized by repigmentation at the treated site. We report two patients who developed amelanotic malignant melanoma following cryosurgery for a pigmented lentigo maligna. These cases illustrate the potential risk of(More)