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The heterogeneous reaction of N 2 O 5 with mineral (Saharan) dust has been studied at T=298 K using a combination of Knudsen and DRIFTS cells for kinetic and product investigations, respectively. The initial uptake coefficient has been determined to be γ =(8.0±0.3)·10 −2. This uptake slowly saturates into a steady state uptake of γ =(1.3±0.3)·10 −2(More)
The structural theory of cerebral lateralization has been typically used to explain hemispheric asymmetries. However, the attentional model of brain functioning may help resolve some of the inconsistent findings with groups of learning-disabled children. To test this hypothesis, a visual half-field paradigm for word recognition was employed in a group of 26(More)
Groupware applications allow geographically distributed users to collaborate on shared tasks. However, it is widely recognized that groupware applications are expensive to build due to coordination services and group dynamics, neither of which is present in single-user applications. Previous collaboration transparency systems reuse existing single-user(More)
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