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Critical infrastructure security SCADA protocol analysis Firewalls Intrusion detection systems SCADA cryptography a b s t r a c t The increasing interconnectivity of SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) networks has exposed them to a wide range of network security problems. This paper provides an overview of all the crucial research issues that(More)
T he project Communication Assistance to Negate Disabilities in Youth (CANDY) comprises computer scientists , electrical engineers, speech pathologists, pedia-tricians, and occupational therapists. Our 10-year goal is to create a speech synthesizer for disabled individuals. We are currently in our third year of the project and have produced a set of interim(More)
The CPU schedulers in general-purpose operating systems are designed to provide fast response time for interactive applications and high throughput for batch applications. The heuristics used to achieve these goals do not lend themselves to scheduling real-time applications, nor do they meet other scheduling requirements such as coordinating scheduling(More)
This paper presents an overview of the TRW Software Productivity System (SPS), an integrated software support environment based on the Unix operating system, a wide range of TRW software tools, and a wideband local network. Section 2 summarizes the quantitative and qualitative requirements analysis upon which the system is based. Section 3 describes the key(More)
One often hears of writers that rise and swell with their subject, though it may seem but an ordinary one. How, then, with me, writing of this Leviathan? Unconsciously my chirography expands into placard capitals. Give me a condor's quill! Give me Vesuvius' crater for an inkstand! Friends, hold my arms! For in the mere act of penning my thoughts of this(More)
Physical controls for most devices are either " one size fits all " or require custom hardware for each user. Cost often prohibits custom design, and each user must adapt to the standard device interface, typically with a loss of precision and efficiency. When user abilities vary widely, such as in the disabled community, devices often become unusable. Our(More)
There are several attacks that exploit the presence of side channels in hardware implementations of cryptographic algorithms to extract secret data. Differential power analysis (DPA) and simple power analysis (SPA) attacks sense the power consumption of the hardware to extract the secret cryptographic key. These attacks either directly examine the power(More)