Ronald D. Smith

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We review the principles and practical application of receiver-operating characteristic (ROC) analysis for diagnostic tests. ROC analysis can be used for diagnostic tests with outcomes measured on ordinal, interval or ratio scales. The dependence of the diagnostic sensitivity and specificity on the selected cut-off value must be considered for a full test(More)
Decision analysis is a process for systematically analyzing complex choices by considering all pertinent information. In this paper, we discuss how uncertainty associated with diagnostic testing can be included in a decision analysis using pay-off tables and decision trees (decision-flow diagrams). Variables associated with diagnostic test interpretation(More)
Enzootic stability (herd immunity) in bovine babesiosis occurs when the rate of transmission (inoculation rate) of Babesia spp by the tick vector is sufficient to immunize a majority of susceptible calves before the loss of calfhood resistance. The effect of three tick (Boophilus microplus) control strategies (none, threshold, and strategic) on enzootic(More)
This study used the peer-reviewed biomedical literature to define the veterinary informatics knowledgebase and associated subspecialties, and assesses the level of activity in the field over the thirty-year period from 1966 through 1995. Grateful Med was used to search the MEDLINE bibliographic database for articles that shared one or more Medical Subject(More)
This report describes the development and application of an updated version of the Multi-Scale Assessment of Watershed Integrity (MAWI) approach for watershed assessment. This work demonstrated the approach’s capabilities as an assessment and planning tool using parts of the MAWI model developed for the Russian River watershed in northern California. The(More)
In this article, I have discussed the principles and methods of outbreak investigation, reinforcing important concepts with examples from the veterinary literature. The approach presented is applicable to outbreaks caused by any agent whether it is infectious versus noninfectious or contagious versus noncontagious. The solutions vary. The experience of(More)
This unique collection papers is based on presentations given at the 2004, 2005 and 2006 Schwabe Symposia, held in conjunction with the annual Conference of Research Workers in Animal Diseases. The symposia are organized and sponsored by the Association for Veterinary Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine (AVEPM) to honor the lifetime achievement of(More)
Information technology (IT) is an imprecise term currently used to describe computer-based techniques for data manipulation, storage, dissemination, publication, and retrieval. IT possesses several characteristics that promote meaningful learning, including (1) just-in-time, personalized; (2) student-centered versus teacher-centric; (3) self-paced; (4)(More)