Ronald D. Painter

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Bacterial infection remains a serious threat to human lives because of emerging resistance to existing antibiotics. Although the scientific community has avidly pursued the discovery of new antibiotics that interact with new targets, these efforts have met with limited success since the early 1960s. Here we report the discovery of platensimycin, a(More)
Aims of the workshop Deaf and hard of hearing individuals are a greatly underutilized national resource that could make tremendous future contributions to science if given the chance. Historical research has revealed that deaf and hard of hearing individuals have made significant contributions to the field. For example, deaf astronomer Anne Jump Cannon(More)
The Department of Defense (DoD) is currently embracing object-oriented programming as a possible solution to problems that beset current simulation tools. The object paradigm, while extremely powerful, has associated costs that must be considered. To realize object-oriented programming benefits such as object reuse (sharing objects between simulations),(More)
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