Ronald D. Mackenzie

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Clinical observations suggest that Canadian-born (CB) travellers are prone to more severe malaria, characterized by higher parasite density in the blood, and severe symptoms, such as cerebral malaria and renal failure, than foreign-born travellers (FB) from areas of malaria endemicity. It was hypothesized that host cytokine and chemokine responses differ(More)
Free fatty acids (FFA), the uranyl ion, and the basic dye Rhodamine B form colored complexes, which are extractable into toluene or benzene. Fatty acids of different chain lengths above C(10) and different degrees of unsaturation gave constant molar yield. Complexes in toluene alone are unstable, especially in the light, but a small amount of aqueous uranyl(More)
BACKGROUND Multilocus sequence typing (MLST) is commonly used to understand the genetic background of invasive pneumococcal disease (IPD) isolates. This study was conducted to identify serotype and genetic change among IPD isolates in Canadian children following vaccine use. METHODS Clinical isolates collected from children ≤5 years old of Ontario, Canada(More)