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We present DIVERSE, a highly modular collection of complimentary software packages designed to facilitate the creation of device independent virtual environments. DIVERSE is free/open source software, containing both end-user programs and C++ APIs (Application Programming Interfaces). DgiPf is the DIVERSE graphics interface to OpenGL Performer™. A program(More)
High cohesion, or module strength, indicates that a system has been well partitioned into components which have strong internal relationships. An understanding of cohesion is an important factor in software design. However, cohesion is difficult to define precisely and to quantify, particularly for object oriented (OO) software, and attempts to develop(More)
We describe the development of modules for teaching a senior level course, Mechanical Behavior of Materials, that incorporate the results of state of the art simulation techniques. The modules are Web-Java based and make extensive use of materials available through the Internet. The most important characteristic of these modules is that they teach the(More)
Information visualization (info vis) deals with how to increase the bandwidth of effective communication between computer and human, enabling us to see more, understand more, and accomplish more. Traditionally, it deals with interaction and display techniques of visualizing often abstract data on the two-dimensional desktop. Immersive virtual environments(More)
Accurate models are necessary in critical applications. Key parameters in dynamic systems often change during their life cycle due to repair and replacement of parts or environmental changes. This dissertation presents a new approach to update system models, accounting for these changes. The approach uses frequency domain data and a neural network to(More)
The advent of high performance computers (HPC) has allowed materials researchers to model large three-dimensional (3D) nanostructures. Properties associated with these 3D structures can be sufficiently complex where researchers can benefit from immersive virtual environments (VEs) in their analysis and interpretation of HPC model results. Because immersive(More)
Linear vibration absorbers are a valuable tool used to suppress vibrations due to harmonic excitation in structural systems. Limited evaluation of the performance of nonlinear vibration absorbers for nonlinear structures exists in the current literature. The state of the art is extended in this work to vibration absorbers in their three major physical(More)