Ronald D. Kneebone

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The fatty acid composition of samples of breast milk obtained from 51 mothers (26 Malay, 15 Chinese, 10 Indian) residing in Penang, Malaysia was determined by gas chromatography. Despite living in close physical proximity the mothers from the three racial groups showed distinct cultural differences in dietary intake. These differences were reflected in(More)
From equal beginnings, the economies of Alberta and Saskatchewan have evolved much differently. Alberta now has three times the population and 4.5 times the GDP of Saskatchewan. Would closer policy coordination close this gap and be beneficial to the people of Alberta and Saskatchewan? Or are the political preferences of their populations too diverse to(More)
Skin malignancy is an important cause of mortality in the United Kingdom and is rising in incidence every year. Most skin cancer presents in primary care, and an important determinant of outcome is initial recognition and management of the lesion. Here we present an observational study of interobserver agreement using data from a population-based randomised(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine whether there is equivalence in the competence of GPs and hospital doctors to perform a range of elective minor surgical procedures, in terms of the safety, quality and cost of care. DESIGN A prospective randomised controlled equivalence trial was undertaken in consenting patients presenting at general practices and needing minor(More)
Total lipids were extracted from 22 species of Malaysian fish and the constituent fatty acids were analysed by gas chromatography. Malaysian fish generally contained high levels of saturated fatty acids (range 36-55% total fatty acids) and contained variable amounts of monounsaturates, chiefly palmitic and stearic acids, but only trace levels of 20:1 and(More)
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