Ronald D. Anderson

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This paper uses the relationships between three basic, fundamental and proven concepts in manufacturing (resource commitment to improvement programs, flexibility to changes in operations, and customer delivery performance) as the empirical context for reviewing and comparing two casual modeling approaches (structural equation modeling and Bayesian(More)
Bayesian network methodology is used to model key linkages of the service-profit chain within the context of transportation service satisfaction. Bayesian networks offer some advantages for implementing managerially focused models over other statistical techniques designed primarily for evaluating theoretical models. These advantages are (1) providing a(More)
This study used sediment mapping to determine the spatial extent of depositional and non-depositional areas in the wetted stream bed of four urban streams in Salinas, California. After the stream mapping was completed, 8 pyrethroids were analytically measured from randomly selected sites in 12 depositional and 12 non-depositional areas in the four Salinas(More)
The objective of this study was to use ecologically relevant field measurements for determining the relationship between bifenthrin sediment toxic units (TUs) (environmental concentrations/Hyalella acute LC50 value) and 15 benthic metrics in four urban California streams sampled from 2006 to 2011. Data from the following four California streams were used in(More)
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