Ronald Curtis Barrett

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We use an expanded framework of multiple epidemiologic transitions to review the issues of re/emerging infection. The first epidemiologic transition was associated with a rise in infectious diseases that accompanied the Neolithic Revolution. The second epidemiologic transition involved the shift from infectious to chronic disease mortality associated with(More)
Most graphics systems using a raster scan output device (CRT or hardcopy) maintain a display file in the XY or random scan format. Scan converters, hardware or software, must be provided to translate the picture description from the XY format to the raster format. Published scan conversion algorithms which are fast will reserve a buffer area large enough to(More)
BACKGROUND The model of epidemiologic transitions has served as a guiding framework for understanding relationships between patterns of human health and disease and economic development for the past several decades. However, epidemiologic transition theory is infrequently employed in epidemiology. OBJECTIVE Moving beyond Omran's original formulation, we(More)
Raster scan computer graphics with “real time” character generators have previously been limited to alphanumeric characters. A display has been described which extends the capabilities of this organization to include general graphics. Two fundamentally different scan conversion algorithms which have been developed to support this display are(More)
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