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The results of 279 renal transplants performed in a single centre between 1974 and 1986 are reviewed. Improvements in the management of acute rejection and a reduction in mortality have resulted in an improvement in 1-year actuarial graft survival rates from 44% for transplants performed before 1980 to 68% for those performed after 1983. After the second(More)
Bone samples were taken at post-mortem examination by Jamshidi needles from 88 elderly patients who were known to have normal bone biochemistry in life. The extent of osteoid in these samples is quantitatively described. In patients with normal creatinines the relative osteoid area ranges from 0 to 3.7% and trabecular osteoid surface percentage ranges from(More)
Although osteomalacia is known to be common in some sections of the elderly population, the disease is often subclinical and there is uncertainty about the point at which treatment is necessary. Identification and treatment of osteomalacia are inseparably bound; the response of varying degrees of subclinical disease to treatment with vitamin D or(More)
The outcome was assessed for all 1062 women in Nottingham who had a first report of abnormal cervical cytology in 1981. Satisfactory follow up could be found for only 628 (59%) of them. For 275 (26%) one subsequent normal smear had been reported but no further follow up requested. For 43 (4%), no subsequent test, after the abnormal smear, had been requested(More)