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Research in the field of teenage drinking behavior has shown relationships between both social skills and drinking and alcohol expectancies and drinking. The present research investigated the comparative power of both of these sets of variables in predicting teenage drinking behavior, as well as looking at the contribution of more global cognitive(More)
Time-to-market continues to be The Challenge faced by developers of complex electronic systems. The bottleneck-which was traditionally in the design phase of the project-has now moved downstream to the system-level verification stage. The growing adoption of top-down design methodologies based on HDL and synthesis has made the generation of large(More)
As chip design becomes ever more complex, fewer design teams are succeeding. Who's to blame? On one hand, tools are hard to use, buggy, not interoperable, and have missing functionality. On the other hand, there is a wide range of engineering skills within the user population, and tools can be abused within flawed methodologies. This panel will quantify and(More)
As design complexity continues to grow, engineering teams have become increasingly reliant on sophisticated electronic design automation (EDA) tools and technology. Unlike the past, much of this technology comes from commercial suppliers. Indeed, many electronics manufacturers are wholly dependent on commercial vendors. Are these suppliers vendors capable(More)
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