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The problem of finding a cycle with maximum Profit-to-Time (PTT) ratio where the total profit is the sum of the arc profits of the cycle is a well known problem first formulated by Dantzig et al. in the 60's. They showed that the problem can be interpreted as finding the optimum tour of a bulk ship. This thesis addresses the problem of finding the maximum(More)
A multimodal biometric authentication system based on plastic surgery face image using text dependent speech signal is described in this paper. In addition, the system is designed to keep the rate as high as possible for the plastic surgery face image by using text dependent speech signal. Each module of the system, i.e. the face and speech, is developed(More)
Fictitious play, an algorithm to predict the opponents next move based on the observed history of play, is one of the oldest simple yet very effective algorithms in game theory. Although using pattern recognition as a more sophisticated way to analyze the history of play seems a logical step, there is little research available on this subject. In this paper(More)
During the period 1984-1989, a total of 46 examples of Bv phenotype were encountered out of a total of 567,210 donors, giving an incidence of 1 in 12,330 among the Chinese in Hong Kong. The Bv determinant corresponds to the portion of the B antigen that is present on rabbit red cells, and gives a negative reaction with polyclonal anti-B reagents absorbed(More)
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