Ronald Chase

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BACKGROUND There is an increasing prevalence of asthma in the Caribbean and patients remain non-compliant to therapy despite the development of guidelines for management and prevention. Some patients may self-medicate with medicinal herbs for symptomatic relief, as there is a long tradition of use for a variety of ailments. The study assessed the prevalence(More)
The giant African snail, Achatinafulica, followed trails made with the mucus of A. fulica, but did not follow those consisting of mucus from Otala vermiculata. In olfactometer experiments, A. fulica and Helix aperta oriented preferentially toward the odor of their own species when both odors were presented simultaneously. Species specificity was less(More)
—Efforts to map the distribution of debris flows, to assess the factors controlling their development, and to identify the areas susceptible to their occurrences are often hampered by the paucity of monitoring systems and historical databases in many parts of the world. In this paper, we develop and successfully apply methodologies that rely heavily on(More)
The beating activity of the molluscan heart is myogenic, but it is influenced by nervous signals of central origin. Previous studies have demonstrated changes in cardiac output during feeding and other behaviors. Here, we describe a short latency, transient cardiac response that accompanies withdrawal reflexes. When evoked by electrical stimulation of(More)
Because oviposition in the land snail Helix aspersa is a metabolically expensive process coupled to a high fixed cost, one expects oviposition to occur only when the clutch size surpasses a minimum value at which the reproductive benefit exceeds the cost. We propose that neural innervation of the gonad allows H. aspersa to monitor oocyte production and(More)
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