Ronald Chase

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BACKGROUND There is an increasing prevalence of asthma in the Caribbean and patients remain non-compliant to therapy despite the development of guidelines for management and prevention. Some patients may self-medicate with medicinal herbs for symptomatic relief, as there is a long tradition of use for a variety of ailments. The study assessed the prevalence(More)
  • Mr Thomas Bender, Mr Thomas Bennett, +33 authors L I V I N G O N T H E C O A S T
  • 2003
Page This booklet is about living and working on the attractive edges of the dynamic Great Lakes. There are risks from natural coastal hazards to be understood and managed when buying, building and operating private homes, residential and commercial developments, industrial buildings, and recreational facilities. This booklet provides information on the(More)
oop RNA, which is initiated at the po promoter and is 81 nucleotides long, can function as a leader sequence for the lambda immunity establishment transcription, previously believed to originate at a special promoter pre located in the y region. Thus, oop RNA seems to have a dual role, either favouring the lytic cycle as a primer for the initiation of(More)
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