Ronald Barber

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DB2 with BLU Acceleration deeply integrates innovative new techniques for defining and processing column-organized tables that speed read-mostly Business Intelligence queries by 10 to 50 times and improve compression by 3 to 10 times, compared to traditional row-organized tables, without the complexity of defining indexes or materialized views on those(More)
Human-robot social interaction plays an important role in spreading the use of the robot in human daily life. Through effective social interaction, robots will be able to perform many tasks in the human society. These tasks may include, but not limited to, handling various house duties, providing medical care for elderly people, assisting people with motor(More)
The Blink project’s ambitious goal is to answer all Business Intelligence (BI) queries in mere seconds, regardless of the database size, with an extremely low total cost of ownership. Blink is a new DBMS aimed primarily at read-mostly BI query processing that exploits scale-out of commodity multi-core processors and cheap DRAM to retain a (copy of a) data(More)
Although the DRAM for main memories of systems continues to grow exponentially according to Moore's Law and to become less expensive, we argue that memory hierarchies will always exist for many reasons, both economic and practical, and in particular due to concurrent users competing for working memory to perform joins and grouping. We present the in-memory(More)
Compression has historically been used to reduce the cost of storage, I/Os from that storage, and buffer pool utilization, at the expense of the CPU required to decompress data every time it is queried. However, significant additional CPU efficiencies can be achieved by deferring decompression as late in query processing as possible and performing query(More)
We present new hash tables for joins, and a hash join based on them, that consumes far less memory and is usually faster than recently published in-memory joins. Our hash join is not restricted to outer tables that fit wholly in memory. Key to this hash join is a new concise hash table (CHT), a linear probing hash table that has 100% fill factor, and uses a(More)
We demonstrate Hybrid Transactional and Analytics Processing (HTAP) on the Spark platform by the Wildfire prototype, which can ingest up to ~6 million inserts per second per node and simultaneously perform complex SQL analytics queries. Here, a simplified mobile application uses Wildfire to recommend advertising to mobile customers based upon their distance(More)
The rising popularity of large-scale real-time analytics applications (real-time inventory/pricing, mobile apps that give you suggestions, fraud detection, risk analysis, etc.) emphasize the need for distributed data management systems that can handle fast transactions and analytics concurrently. Efficient processing of transactional and analytical(More)
This paper presents the current contribution of Carlos III University (UC3M) in the Innovative Educational Concepts for Autonomous and Teleoperated Systems (IECAT) project which aims at create an innovative educational tool to allow students to perform remote laboratory experiments on autonomous and teleoperated mechatronic systems [1]. UC3M will provide(More)