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A Scour Depth Approach for Deriving Erodibility Parameters from Jet Erosion Tests
Abstract. Typically the erosion rate of cohesive soils is modeled using the excess shear stress equation, which includes two soil parameters: the erodibility coefficient (k d ) and the critical shear
Modeling streambank erosion and failure along protected and unprotected composite streambanks
Abstract Streambank retreat can be a significant contributor to total sediment and nutrient loading to streams. Process-based bank stability models, such as the Bank Stability and Toe Erosion Model
Estimating sediment and phosphorus loads from streambanks with and without riparian protection
Abstract In some watersheds, the majority of the total sediment load to streams and rivers is from streambanks, but insufficient data exist on actual loading from this source and the potential
For sorbing contaminants, transport from upland areas to surface water systems is typically considered to be due to surface runoff, with negligible input from subsurface transport assumed. However,
The hydraulic conductivity structure of gravel-dominated vadose zones within alluvial floodplains
The floodplains of many gravel-bed streams have a general stratigraphy that consists of a layer of topsoil covering gravel-dominated subsoil. Previous research has demonstrated that this stratigraphy
Preferential Flow Path Effects on Subsurface Contaminant Transport in Alluvial Floodplains
For strongly sorbing contaminants, transport from upland areas to surface water systems is typically considered to be due to surface runoff with subsurface transport assumed negligible. However,
Impact of Preferential Flow Paths on Stream and Alluvial Groundwater Interaction
A better understanding of stream-aquifer interactions is needed both for water policy and for quantifying its impact on stream chemistry and water quality. Assuming homogeneity in alluvial aquifers
Evaluating a process‐based model for use in streambank stabilization: insights on the Bank Stability and Toe Erosion Model (BSTEM)
Streambank retreat is a complex cyclical process involving subaerial processes, fluvial erosion, seepage erosion, and geotechnical failures and is driven by several soil properties that themselves
Stage-dependent transient storage of phosphorus in alluvial floodplains
Models for contaminant transport in streams commonly idealize transient storage as a well mixed but immobile system. These transient storage models capture rapid (near-stream) hyporheic storage and