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STUDY OBJECTIVE To determine the pattern of dipyridamole use over the past 14 years. DESIGN A longitudinal health screening program of ambulatory elderly participants was used to study changes in dipyridamole drug use. Participants included all subjects screened in the Florida Geriatric Research Program since 1978. The main outcome measure in this study(More)
41 middle-class families were interviewed at 1 month prepartum and 1, 4, 8, and 12 months after the birth of a second child to assess the reaction and adjustment of firstborn children to this event. Family members were also observed in a semistructured play session in order to obtain information concerning changes in familial interaction patterns. A log(More)
185 men and women representing five developmental ages ranging from younger to older adulthood (17 to 96 yr) completed several measures to assess the amount and origins of most meaningful events in a person's life. As assessed by a modification of the Purpose-in-Life Test, the amount of purpose did not vary per se with age or sex. Similarly, the sources of(More)
TATOO is an industrial interactive timing analysis system evolved from recently developed false path elimination algorithms. These have been extended to perform more complex searches that facilitate the rapid survey of a network. An automatic test pattern generation mechanism which exercises the statically sensitizable paths has been developed. This forms a(More)
Digital MOS transistor designs are imported into an environment of cell-based tools by division of the design into gate-level components followed by the automatic generation of their logical and timing views. Symbolic switch-level analysis divides the design into channel-connected components and provides estimates of their logical behavior. Then, electrical(More)
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