Ronald B. Harrist

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OBJECTIVE To investigate possible age-related changes in associations between polymorphisms in the fat mass and obesity-associated (FTO) gene and higher body mass index (BMI). DESIGN AND SUBJECTS Multilevel mixed regression models were used to examine associations between four FTO variants and longitudinal BMI profiles in non-Hispanic white and African(More)
Twenty-nine subjects trained for 6 weeks for the purpose of comparing the effects of various durations of exercise. All subjects trained three days per week at 75% of maximum heart rate. Training durations were 5 min (N = 10), 15 min (N = 10) and 25 min (N = 9) with over 80% of the training sessions consisting of monitored treadmill walking on a grade. Pre(More)
In this sonographic study of 100 fetuses (gestational age 15--40 weeks) the maximum transverse diameter of the fetal skull at the axial plane described by Campbell for measurement of the frontooccipital head circumference was compared to similar measurements at specific anatomic planes above and below this level. Transverse diameter measurements at the head(More)
Twenty-two diurnally active, fair-skinned, male volunteers were repeatedly patch tested with 10, 15 and 20% lapyrium chloride (LC) and 0.3 and 0.5% sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) for 5 consecutive days. A series of 5 patches containing SLS and LC were placed vertically once daily for 6 h on different sites of the scapula: paravertebral, lateral and medial. The(More)
The effectiveness of three methods (Campbell and Wilkin, Warsof, Warsof et al for estimating fetal weight from measurements of the abdominal circumference (AC) and biparietal diameter (BPD) has been evaluated in 125 patients studied with dynamic image ultrasound. Investigations of the population as a whole indicated that the Campbell-Wilkin and Warsof(More)
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