Ronald B. Greenfield

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We performed double innominate osteotomy in twenty-five patients with acetabular insufficiency resulting from congenital dislocation of the hip and other lesions. Following iliac (Salter) osteotomy, the second osteotomy was carried out medial to the obturator foramen in the interval between the symphysis pubis and the pubic tubercle. In children more than(More)
The distribution and severity of osteoarthritis were investigated in 56 knees by history and physical examination, assessment of knee function, radiography with and without weight-bearing, double-contrast arthrography, and 99mTc-polyphosphate bone imaging. Compartmental involvement (medial, lateral, patellofemoral) was graded independently by 2 or 3(More)
BACKGROUND It has been hypothesized that certain Mycoplasma species may cause Gulf War veterans' illnesses (GWVIs), chronic diseases characterized by pain, fatigue, and cognitive symptoms, and that affected patients may benefit from doxycycline treatment. OBJECTIVE To determine whether a 12-month course of doxycycline improves functional status in Gulf(More)
A long-term in vivo study was performed to assess biochemical changes after laser repair of articular cartilage. Forty New Zealand White rabbits were sacrificed 26 weeks after undergoing an articular cartilage chondroplasty with use of a holmium:yttrium-aluminum-garnet laser at 0.8 joules per pulse and a rate of 10 Hz. Glycosaminoglycan content in the(More)
Studies of seminal tissue factor (TF) are few and mostly based on small numbers. Due to the reported lack of factor (F) X in semen, it has been suggested that TF may not have a role in seminal coagulum formation. However, recent identification of a number of haemostatic factors in semen justifies a re-evaluation of its occurrence. Semen specimens were(More)
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