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In this paper, we intend to introduce a steganography algorithm for embedding a message into a RGB 24-bit color image. It will be done by using the concepts of linked list data structure. It will help us to achieve some important advantages. First, we can create a " stego-key " by the address of message blocks. Second, it makes the detection of message(More)
This study offers a heuristic genetic algorithm based method for message hiding in a carrier image. This approach focuses on the "before embedding hiding techniques" by trying to find appropriate places in carrier image to embed the message with the least changes of bits. Due to it, segmentation is done in order to convert the LSBs and message strings to(More)
This paper will take a brief look at the usage of genetic algorithms in steganography. Steganography media which is subjected is image files. So, some of recent studies that introduce the steganography methods are listed and described in brief. As it is seen, robustness and capacity are two important factors that are considered in almost all steganography(More)
In this paper, we are going to introduce different types of steganography considering the cover data. As the first step, we will talk about text steganography and investigate its details. Then, image steganography and its techniques will be investigated. Some techniques including Least Significant Bits, Masking and filtering and Transformations will be(More)
Recent studies in different fields of science caused emergence of needs for high performance computing systems like Cloud. A critical issue in design and implementation of such systems is resource allocation which is directly affected by internal and external factors like the number of nodes, geographical distance and communication latencies. Many(More)
Shapes detection from noisy backgrounds is one of the hot topics in the field of image processing and patter recognition. This paper investigates a new method which uses different filters like median and laplacian filter for reducing the effect of noise in the image and applies the canny edge detection algorithm. As the final step, a special form of Hough(More)
The rapid development of data transfer through internet made it easier to send the data accurate and faster to the destination. Besides this, anyone can modify and misuse the valuable information through hacking at the same time. This paper presents video steganography with digital watermarking techniques as an efficient and robust tool for protection. This(More)