Ronak H. Shah

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Colorectal cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in the United States, with over 50,000 deaths estimated in 2014. Molecular profiling for somatic mutations that predict absence of response to anti-EGFR therapy has become standard practice in the treatment of metastatic colorectal cancer; however, the quantity and type of tissue available for(More)
Broad and deep tumour genome sequencing has shed new light on tumour heterogeneity and provided important insights into the evolution of metastases arising from different clones. There is an additional layer of complexity, in that tumour evolution may be influenced by selective pressure provided by therapy, in a similar fashion to that occurring in(More)
  • Nicholas Goodman, Abdel Bayoumi, Vytautas Blechertas, Ronak Shah, Yong-June Shin
  • 2009
The AH-64 helicopter tail rotor gearbox is a grease lubricated right-angle transmission which frequently leaks through both its input and output seals. An experiment was designed to create a worst-case scenario for a leaking output seal on three different high-life gearboxes, which were to be run for 500 hours in a seeded fault condition. The test objective(More)
The University of South Carolina is currently implementing the procedure presented in the publication " Integration of Maintenance Management Systems and Health Monitoring Systems through Historical Data Investigation. " This particular application is attempting to merge TAMMS-A records with data collected from Intelligent Automation Corporation's Vibration(More)
Maintenance Management Systems (MMS) are the core of traditional maintenance record-keeping practices and often facilitate the usage of textual descriptions of faults and actions performed on a vehicle. Recently developed Health and Usage Monitoring Systems (HUMS) are capable of directly monitoring vehicle component parameters; however, attempts to link(More)
Our fourth component of research is focusing on expanding the Cost and Benefit Analysis (CBA) has been carried out to reflect on the whole CBM roadmap. This includes the cost savings in parts cost, operational support, the increase in mission capability rates, the decrease in scheduled and non-scheduled maintenance, and the increase in total flight time. It(More)
  • Abdel Bayoumi, Nicholas Goodman, Ronak Shah, Trevor Roebuck, Andrew Jarvie, Les Eisner +2 others
  • 2008
One of the most expensive and time consuming tasks relating to Condition Based Maintenance involves the testing of mechanical components for CBM. A scientific plan is being developed to identify components that will return the most value within a short time for implementation of CBM. This plan is also based on the historical (TAMMS-A and VMU) data that we(More)
Activation of oncogenes by mechanisms other than genetic aberrations such as mutations, translocations, or amplifications is largely undefined. Here we report a novel isoform of the anaplastic lymphoma kinase (ALK) that is expressed in ∼11% of melanomas and sporadically in other human cancer types, but not in normal tissues. The novel ALK transcript(More)
BACKGROUND Developing novel drugs from traditional medicinal knowledge can serve as a means to improve public health. Yet countries in sub-Saharan Africa face barriers in translating traditional medicinal knowledge into commercially viable health products. Barriers in moving along the road towards making a new drug available include insufficient(More)
BACKGROUND Field trials have demonstrated the efficacy of insecticide-treated nets, and the WHO has recently endorsed a shift toward Long-Lasting Insecticide Treated nets (LLINs) due to factors such as reduced distribution costs. However, the need for LLINs poses several challenges. Is it possible to manufacture LLINs in large quantities in the African(More)