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BACKGROUND Simian immunodeficiency virus (SIV) infection and persistent CD8(+) lymphocyte depletion rapidly leads to encephalitis and neuronal injury. The objective of this study is to confirm that CD8 depletion alone does not induce brain lesions in the absence of SIV infection. METHODS Four rhesus macaques were monitored by proton magnetic resonance(More)
BACKGROUND Patients in whom extensive investigations have failed to identify the cause of abdominal pain present a challenge to surgeons. We present our initial experience of using laparoscopy under local anaesthetic and sedation in the diagnosis of chronic abdominal pain. METHODS AND PATIENTS Nine patients with chronic abdominal pain and multiple normal(More)
Contrary to the conclusion reached by A. Mitchell in an article recently publshed in the British Medical Journal, the present author contends that administering subcutaneous heparin before and after major surgery prevents the subsequent development of pulmonary embolus. The current author recommended the use of subcutaneous heparin for surgical patients(More)