Rona A. Dennis

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Alternative land uses make different contributions to the conservation of biodiversity and have different implementation and management costs. Conservation planning analyses to date have generally assumed that land is either protected or unprotected, and that the unprotected portion does not contribute to conservation goals. We develop and apply a new(More)
Tropical deforestation is leading to a loss of economically productive timber concessions, as well as areas with important environmental or socio-cultural values. To counteract this threat in Southeast Asia, sustainable forest management (SFM) practices are becoming increasingly important. We assess the tools and guidelines that have been developed to(More)
The logic of the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) and other such `carbon (C) offsets' rests on the notion that the opportunity cost of reducing C emissions is lower in developing countries, creating opportunities for mutually bene®cial C trading. While the CDM may offer signi®cant gross ®nancial bene®ts, there has been little analysis of the opportunity(More)
Conservation efforts at local, regional, and global scales often focus on threatened species despite recent calls to adopt more equitable and potentially more economically rational approaches. Critics contend that conservation planning centered only on threatened species fails to deliver cost-efficient conservation outcomes. We explored how planning to(More)
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