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Using Dual Kernel Density Estimation to Examine Changes in Voucher Density over Time
AbstractThe measurement of participants in the Housing Choice Voucher Program across time is an important analytical step toward understanding their settlement patterns, particularly whether they
Calculating Varying Scales of Clustering among Locations
This article demonstrates the method to derive an NNI based on a median and two quartiles that more accurately represents the midpoint of a set of nearest neighbor distances and discusses how to use the average and standard deviation distances from the calculation of each NNI to more comprehensively gauge the scale of the geographic patterns.
Understanding and Enhancing the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development's ZIP Code Crosswalk Files
ZIP Codes are commonly used for mapping, spatial analyses, creating tables, or other reporting products. Used for these tasks, the results from using these geographies often are distorted because of
Housing Choice Vouchers and Crime in Charlotte, NC
Recent media attention and research have focused on the effect of housing vouchers on crime, with different conclusions. The purpose of this study is to bring further evidence to the voucher–crime
Measuring Distance to Resources
Relationship Between Voucher Residences and Population CentersProximity analysis is an analytical approach used to capture the distance between neighboring locations. Measuring the proximity of a
The collaboration of ‘ghostwriting’ and literature – the case of Kawabata Yasunari
Abstract: Kawabata Yasunari is Japan's first Nobel Prize recipient for literature and thus an emblem of the modern Japanese writer, but as this essay demonstrates, this writer's career, like that of
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