Ron W. Channell

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PURPOSE The present study examined the extent of genetic and environmental influences on individual differences in children's conversational language use. METHOD Behavioral genetic analyses focused on conversational measures and 2 standardized tests from 380 twins (M = 7.13 years) during the 2nd year of the Western Reserve Reading Project (S. A. Petrill,(More)
Recent studies of the automated grammatical categorization ("tagging") of words using probabilistic methods have reported substantial levels of accuracy-over 95% agreement with manual tagging for words from a variety of texts. However, the texts with which this method has been tested were written by adults and edited by publishers. The present study(More)
A general overview of the literature concerning the development of diabetic neuropathic arthropathy is discussed. A case report is presented dealing with spontaneous fractures of the lesser metatarsal in a patient with an amputated hallux and peripheral neuropathy secondary to diabetes mellitus.
PURPOSE This study investigated the effect of age on articulatory movement and stability in young, middle-age, and older adults. It also examined the potential influence of linguistic complexity on speech motor control across utterances that differed in their length and grammatical complexity. METHOD There were 60 participants in 3 age groups: 20-30(More)
PURPOSE This pilot study examined the extent and nature of associations in the linguistic complexity used by child and clinician within conversational interactions. METHOD Correlation analyses focused on semantic and morphosyntactic language sample measures from an experienced speech-language clinician and 29 children with language impairment. RESULTS(More)
This study evaluated the reliability of pitch judgments as a basic step toward increasing interrater and intrarater reliability of multidimensional perceptual judgments of the speaking voice. Forty-five undergraduate university students studying speech/language pathology made piano-to-piano tone pitch matches and vowel-to-piano pitch matches using a(More)
Masking level differences (MLDs) were investigated using masking noise with 160 Hz (amplitude-modulated noise) and 600 Hz (filtered-random noise) bandwidth. One hundred normally hearing subjects received the MLD test under both types of noise. Significant differences between noise types were observed in both N0S pi and N pi S0 conditions; MLDs were larger(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to develop and psychometrically evaluate speech audiometry materials that can be used to measure word recognition (WR) and speech recognition testing (SRT) in quiet for native speakers of Cantonese. STUDY SAMPLE Commonly used bisyllabic and trisyllabic Cantonese words were digitally recorded by native male and female(More)
This study examined the accuracy of fully automated Developmental Sentence Scoring (DSS; L. L. Lee, 1974) analysis performed by the Computerized Profiling (CP) software (S. H. Long, M. E. Fey, and R. W. Channell, 2000). Samples from 48 school-age children (28 with language impairment) yielded 9,084 utterances that were DSS coded both manually and by CP. The(More)
PURPOSE In this study, the authors examined the validity of using materials from 2 nonregional yet mutually intelligible dialects to evaluate an individual's speech recognition threshold (SRT) and word recognition (WR) abilities and whether a speaker of 1 dialect could accurately administer and score materials in the other dialect. METHOD Previously(More)