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Mapping the road to fun: Natural video game controllers, presence, and game enjoyment
This investigation examines how video game interactivity can affect presence and game enjoyment. Expand
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Defining Media Enjoyment as the Satisfaction of Intrinsic Needs
This article presents a model of enjoyment rooted in self-determination theory (Deci & Ryan, 1985) that includes the satisfaction of three needs related to psychological wellbeing: autonomy,Expand
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Moral Intuition and Media Entertainment
  • Ron Tamborini
  • Psychology, Computer Science
  • J. Media Psychol. Theor. Methods Appl.
  • 13 May 2011
This paper applies the social intuitionist perspective of moral foundations theory (MFT) to the study of media entertainment with a model of intuitive morality and exemplars. Expand
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Violent Virtual Video Games and Hostile Thoughts
A vioient virtuai-reaiity (VR) video game's short-term impact on telepresence and hostility was studied. Five weeks before a lab experiment, participants completed a questionnaire measuring priorExpand
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A Model of Intuitive Morality and Exemplars
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Characterizing Mood Management as Need Satisfaction: The Effects of Intrinsic Needs on Selective Exposure and Mood Repair
This study attempted to (a) extend traditional mood management theory research by investigating the influence of the intrinsic needs for competence and autonomy on selective exposure to video gamesExpand
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The Role of Social Presence in Interactive Agent-Based Persuasion
This investigation examines the extent to which interactive social agent technology can influence social presence, information processing, and persuasion. Specifically, it looks at how interactiveExpand
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Media Enjoyment as Need Satisfaction: The Contribution of Hedonic and Nonhedonic Needs
Most early research on entertainment defines media enjoyment in functional terms as the satisfaction of hedonic needs. Two studies demonstrate the value of including nonhedonic and hedonic needExpand
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Popular Video Games: Quantifying the Presentation of Violence and Its Context
The aim of this study was to content analyze 60 of the most popular video games for violence from three gaming systems: Nintendo 64, Sega Dream- Cast, and Sony Playstation. Games were played for l0Expand
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