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Strong winds on the horizon: wind power comes of age
Wind power has been the fastest growing energy technology in the world for the last decade, and US wind capacity is expected to increase by 50% by the end of 2001. The factors driving that growth areExpand
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A 16-element reflection grid amplifier with improved heat sinking
We present a 16-element hybrid grid amplifier with improved heat sinking. This is a higher-power version of a previously reported reflection grid amplifier. The grid uses custom-madeExpand
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PEX is a material known for its relatively high temperature and pressure rating, durability, and chemical resistance. The PEX DHE described in this article was designed and installed as a retrofit inExpand
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An organic chemistry course for biology and environmental science majors
Porous Silicon and the Search for a Silicon-Based LED
Silicon has not been used in LED fabrication because of its very low luminescence efficiency. There has been a great deal of interest in porous silicon, a form of silicon which luminesces at aboutExpand
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Wind Power Outlook 2005: Burgeoning Wind Energy Market Generates New Investment, Jobs
Wind power is a reality today — a bridge that can be built now to a clean energy future while more distant technologies such as hydrogen are researched and developed. The American Wind EnergyExpand
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