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Monitoring selected populations of the only two native Antarctic vascular plant species (Colobanthus quitensis andDeschampsia antarctica) over a 27-year period has revealed a significant and relatively rapid increase in numbers of individuals and populations at two widely separated localities in the maritime Antarctic. There is strong evidence that this(More)
To better understand the factors that support or inhibit internally focused change, we conducted an inductive study of one firm's attempt to improve two of its core business processes. Our data suggest that the critical determinants of success in efforts to learn and improve are the interactions between managers' attributions about the cause of poor(More)
It is well known that vertical integration can change an upstream produc-er's incentive to supply the integrated …rm's downstream rivals. However, it has not been noticed that vertical integration also changes these rivals' incentives to choose suppliers. This paper develops an equilibrium theory of vertical merger that incorporates strategic behaviors in(More)
  • 2002
KTK/IE Discussion Papers are circulated to promote discussion and provoque comments. Any references to discussion papers should clearly state that the paper is preliminary. Materials published in this series may subject to further publication. the IMF and the ESRC Money-Macro Finance conference in Warwick for helpful comments. Parts of this paper were(More)
Recently, the large T panel literature has emphasized unobserved, time-varying heterogeneity that may stem from omitted common variables or global shocks that a¤ect each individual unit di¤erently. These latent common factors induce cross-section dependence and may lead to inconsistent regression coe¢ cient estimates if they are correlated with the(More)
*Relationships between nitrogen deposition in the UK and phosphomonoesterase (PME) activity and nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P) concentrations in Cladonia portentosa were quantified to understand factors limiting lichen growth and to further develop biomarkers for N pollution. *Lichen was collected from sites differing either in rates of wet N (NH(4)(+) +(More)
Emissions of a precursor of acidity in precipitation, sulphur dioxide (SO2), declined in the UK and the EU (15) by 71% and 72%, respectively, between 1986 and 2001, while nitrous oxide emissions declined by about 40%. Acidity in UK precipitation and the deposition of sulphate in precipitation halved during this period, but reductions were larger in the(More)
Schistidium antarctici is the commonest of five bryophytes known in the Windmill Islands area of Wilkes Land, Greater Antarctica. In moist habitats it forms closed carpets, but in dry sites it develops a short cushion growth form. Carbon dioxide exchange of both a mesic (Sm) and a xeric growth form (Sx) was investigated by means of an IRGA system in the(More)
Escherichia coli zupT (ygiE), encoding a ZIP family member, mediated zinc uptake. Growth of cells disrupted in both zupT and the znuABC operon was inhibited by EDTA at a much lower concentration than a single mutant or the wild type. Cells expressing ZupT from a plasmid exhibited increased uptake of (65)Zn(2+).
The chemical processes responsible for production of photochemical oxidants within the troposphere have been the subject of laboratory and field study throughout the last three decades. During the same period, models to simulate the atmospheric chemistry, transport and deposition of ozone (O(3)) from individual urban sources and from regions have been(More)