Ron Smith

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  • Bill Colwell, Laura Cran-Mer, Dave Lazor, Vic Leo, Frank Murdock, Roger Saillant +22 others
  • 2002
To better understand the factors that support or inhibit internally focused change, we conducted an inductive study of one firm's attempt to improve two of its core business processes. Our data suggest that the critical determinants of success in efforts to learn and improve are the interactions between managers' attributions about the cause of poor(More)
It is well known that vertical integration can change an upstream produc-er's incentive to supply the integrated …rm's downstream rivals. However, it has not been noticed that vertical integration also changes these rivals' incentives to choose suppliers. This paper develops an equilibrium theory of vertical merger that incorporates strategic behaviors in(More)
KTK/IE Discussion Papers are circulated to promote discussion and provoque comments. Any references to discussion papers should clearly state that the paper is preliminary. Materials published in this series may subject to further publication. the IMF and the ESRC Money-Macro Finance conference in Warwick for helpful comments. Parts of this paper were(More)
This paper provides an empirical analysis of changes in real house prices in the US using State level data. It examines the extent to which real house prices at the State level are driven by fundamentals such as real per capita disposable income, as well as by common shocks, and determines the speed of adjustment of real house prices to macroeconomic and(More)
This paper reviews how economists responded to the Feldstein – Horioka (FH) view that a high saving-investment association across OECD countries implied low capital mobility. This posed an uncomfortable puzzle since the conventional wisdom in most exchange rate and open-economy macroeconomic models was that capital mobility was high. In the face of a(More)
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Living beings everywhere compete for the means of existence. Competition takes the more intense form we call conflict when, instead of merely using available resources for productive or consumptive purposes, contenders try to hamper, disable, or destroy rivals. Conflict theory has to deal not only with the standard technology of production, but also with(More)
The output and experience of a large European project in Electronic Brokerage called "Generic Architecture for Information Availability" (GAIA) is presented. The paper describes a reference model and functional architecture for value-added mediation in Electronic Commerce. The customers are provided with a uniform way of accessing heterogeneous suppliers(More)