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  • Bill Colwell, Laura Cran-Mer, Dave Lazor, Vic Leo, Frank Murdock, Roger Saillant +22 others
  • 2002
To better understand the factors that support or inhibit internally focused change, we conducted an inductive study of one firm's attempt to improve two of its core business processes. Our data suggest that the critical determinants of success in efforts to learn and improve are the interactions between managers' attributions about the cause of poor(More)
The output and experience of a large European project in Electronic Brokerage called "Generic Architecture for Information Availability" (GAIA) is presented. The paper describes a reference model and functional architecture for value-added mediation in Electronic Commerce. The customers are provided with a uniform way of accessing heterogeneous suppliers(More)
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Following Bai (2004) and Bai and Ng (2004) we estimate a common factor representation of a panel of output series for In-dia, disaggregated by 15 states and 14 broad industry groups. We find that a single common "V-Factor" accounts for a large part of the significant shift in the cross-sectional distribution of state-sectoral output growth rates since the(More)
ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS We would like to acknowledge and thank the Federal Bureau of Investigation's (FBI) Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) Division as well as other key partners at the FBI who provided support to National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in the development of this Compression Guidance for 1000 ppi Friction Ridge Imagery.(More)
  • Yunus Aksoy, Henrique S Basso, Javier Coto Martinez, Paul De Grauwe, Hans Dewachter, John Dri +4 others
  • 2009
We study liquidity e¤ects and cost channels within a model of nominal rigidities and imperfect competition that gives explicit role for money-credit markets and investment decisions. We …nd that cost channels matter for monetary transmission, amplifying the impact of supply shocks and dampening the e¤ects of demand shocks. Liquidity e¤ects only obtain when(More)
  • Date, Ron Smith, Ronald Gary, Chair, Gary Snodgrass, Biosafety Officer +3 others
  • 2009
The mission of the Division of Research and Graduate Studies is to create an environment which is conducive to performing superior research and initiating innovative scholarly pursuits. Our entire team is dedicated to providing university faculty, staff, and students with the support necessary to fulfill UNLV's goal of becoming a nationally recognized(More)
One of the potential strengths of Model Driven Development (MDD) is the ability to inspect the software sooner and with greater precision than is possible with conventional forms of expression of design. A study was conducted to explore model inspection when the design is expressed in IBM's Rational Rose Real-Time (RoseRT) tool. Four inspectors with varying(More)
We analyse the equilibrium consequences of performance-based contracts for fund managers. Managerial remuneration is tied to a fund's absolute and relative performance. Investors choose whether or not to delegate their investment to better-informed fund managers; if they delegate they choose the optimal contract subject to the fund manager's participation(More)