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Wedge osteotomy of the femoral neck for slipped capital femoral epiphysis was performed in seventy-seven hips of seventy-one children at Gillette Children's Hospital during the period 1938 to 1973. The major complications were avascular necrosis (28.5 per cent) and cartilage necrosis (37.6 per cent). This high incidence of severe complications led to the(More)
Microbial processes that mineralize organic carbon and enhance solute production at the bed of polar ice sheets could be of a magnitude sufficient to affect global elemental cycles. To investigate the biogeochemistry of a polar subglacial microbial ecosystem, we analyzed water discharged during the summer of 2012 and 2013 from Russell Glacier, a(More)
The Mars Science Laboratory Mast camera and Descent Imager investigations were designed, built, and operated by Malin Space Science Systems of San Diego, CA. They share common electronics and focal plane designs but have different optics. There are two Mastcams of dissimilar focal length. The Mastcam-34 has an f/8, 34 mm focal length lens, and the M-100 an(More)
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