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We have gathered protocols of subjects in their first 30 hours of leorning LISP. The processes by which subjects write LISP functions to meet problem specifications has been modeled in a simulation program called GRAPES (Go01 Restricted Production System). The GRAPES system embodies the goal-restricted architecture for production systems as specified in the(More)
Many a r t i f i c i a l i n t e l l i g e n c e app l i ca t i ons requ i re the use of expert systems. As expert systems move i n t o new domains, several s i g n i f i c a n t changes can be expected. Among these are an increase in number of ru les in the ru le base and an increase in the number of data elements contained in working memory. A lso , many(More)
The Lisfranc's fracture-dislocation is an extremely serious injury that needs immediate recognition and treatment. In displaced fractures, swelling and deformity will be evident. But, often, because of spontaneous reduction, chronic midfoot pain and arthritis may result if the injury goes unrecognized. The tarsometatarsal joint, referred to as Lisfranc's(More)
In brief A young wrestler with an avulsion fracture of the olecranon process was treated conservatively without success. Internal fixation was done, but when no improvement was demonstrated at follow-up, a removable cast was used so that he could do range-of-motion exercises to facilitate healing. This case demonstrates that young patients who complain of(More)
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