Ron S. Kenett

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Comprehensive testing is necessary to ensure the quality of complex web services that are loosely coupled, dynamic bound and integrated through standard protocols. Testing of such web services can be however very expensive due to the diversified user requirements and the large numbers of service combinations delivered by the open platform. Group testing was(More)
Testing is necessary to ensure the quality of web services that are loosely coupled, dynamic bound and integrated through standard protocols. Exhaustive testing of web services is usually impossible due to unavailable source code, diversi ̄ed user requirements and large number of possible service combinations delivered by the open platform. This paper(More)
A nonparametric statistical methodology is used for the analysis of biochemical frequency data observed on a series of nine Jewish and six non-Jewish populations. Two categories of statistics are used: heterogeneity indices and various distance measures with respect to a standard. The latter are more discriminating in exploiting historical, geographical and(More)
By 2016 an estimated 95% of all commercial software packages will include Open Source Software (OSS). This extended adoption is yet not avoiding failure rates in OSS projects to be as high as 50%. Inadequate risk management has been identified among the top mistakes to avoid when implementing OSS-based solutions. Understanding, managing and mitigating OSS(More)
Free Libre Open Source Software (FLOSS) has become a strategic asset in software development, and open source communities behind FLOSS are a key player in the field. The analysis of open source community dynamics is a key capability in risk management practices focused on the integration of FLOSS in all types of organizations. We are conducting research in(More)
INTRODUCTION The number of malpractice claims against physicians and health institutes is increasing continuously in Israel as in the rest of the Western world, and has become a serious financial burden. AIM In this study we analyzed the reports of gastroenterologists on endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP) and endoscopic ultrasound (EUS)(More)
A Bayesian Network is a probabilistic graphical model that represents a set of variables and their probabilistic dependencies. Formally, Bayesian Networks are directed acyclic graphs whose nodes represent variables, and whose arcs encode the conditional dependencies between the variables. Nodes can represent any kind of variable, be it a measured parameter,(More)
Association rules are one of the most popular unsupervised data mining methods. Once obtained, the list of association rules extractable from a given dataset is compared in order to evaluate their importance level. The measures commonly used to assess the strength of an association rule are the indexes of support, confidence, and lift. Relative Linkage(More)