Ron R Tasker

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Stretching or compressing an outer hair cell alters its membrane potential and, conversely, changing the electrical potential alters its length. This bi-directional energy conversion takes place in the cell's lateral wall and resembles the direct and converse piezoelectric effects both qualitatively and quantitatively. A piezoelectric model of the lateral(More)
Deep brain stimulation (DBS) has virtually replaced thalamotomy for the treatment of essential tremor. It is thought that the site for DBS is the same as the optimal lesion site; however, this match has not been investigated previously. We sought to determine whether the location of thalamic DBS matched the site at which thalamotomy would be performed.(More)
BACKGROUND There have been many reports of percutaneous radiofrequency facet rhizotomy, perhaps better referred to as facet denervation, usually performed under general anaesthesia, with inconsistent success rates. OBJECTIVES To report the authors' outcome data using both general and local anaesthesia and to reassess the value of this controversial(More)
We present an analytical expression of the electromechanical coupling constant of a piezoelectric bimorph. A simplified impedance equation is presented that allows for the determination of the electromechanical coupling, flexural rigidity, and free permittivity of the bimorph.
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