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Leaf senescence is a programmed developmental process governed by various endogenous and exogenous factors, such as the plant developmental stage, leaf age, phytohormone levels, darkness, and exposure to stresses. It was found that, in addition to its well-documented role in the enhancement of plant frost tolerance, overexpression of the(More)
Multiuser MIMO (MU-MIMO) is a new technology adopted in IEEE 802.11ac for enhancing downlink throughput. 802.11ac has an explicit feedback mechanism that enables very high quality channel feedback to be provided to the transmitter, but the overhead can be quite substantial. We propose a differential feedback method that significantly reduces this overhead(More)
—We consider the problem of obtaining channel state information (CSI) via a fast feedback link for transmission on the downlink of a multiuser MIMO system. We examine the relative merits of channel feedback schemes based on Shannon's source-channel separation principle (digital schemes) and non-separation based schemes and show that the latter are(More)
Dehydrins (DHNs; late embryogenesis abundant D-11) are a family of plant proteins induced in response to environmental stresses such as water stress, salinity and freezing or which occur during the late stages of embryogenesis. Previously, it was reported that citrus contains a small gene family encoding a unique class of dehydrins that differs from most(More)
A combination of hot water (a rinse at 62 degrees C for 20 s) and conditioning (pre-storage at 16 degrees C for 7 d) treatments synergistically reduced chilling injury development in grapefruit (Citrus paradisi, cv. "Star Ruby") during cold storage at 2 degrees C, suggesting that the treatments may activate different chilling tolerance responses. To study(More)
Uplink multiuser MIMO (UL MU-MIMO) is a new feature introduced in 802.11ax (currently under development). This paper investigates the residual carrier frequency offset (CFO) impact on the performance of UL MU-MIMO OFDM systems. We show that if a station (STA) has zero residual CFO, then its packet error rate (PER) will not suffer from other STAs that have(More)
We consider the problem of channel state information (CSI) transmission on a fast feedback link for a multiuser-MIMO OFDM system. We compose codebook based feedback with analog based feedback and propose a new compressed analog feedback suitable for correlated antennas that provides excellent tradeoff between uplink overhead and downlink throughput. This(More)
Advanced quantization schemes are proposed for closed-loop transmit precoding over correlated multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) channels in this work. Unlike the conventional schemes that directly quantize the MIMO channel covariance matrix and feed back each quan-tized matrix element, the proposed schemes quantize the channel covariance matrix by(More)
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