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Potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) periderm is composed of the meristematic phellogen that gives rise to an external layer of suberized phellem cells (the skin) and the internal parenchyma-like phelloderm. The continuous addition of new skin layers and the sloughing of old surface layers during tuber maturation results in smooth, shiny skin. However, smooth-skin(More)
The need to support bioinformatics training has been widely recognized by scientists, industry, and government institutions. However, the discussion of instructional methods for teaching bioinformatics is only beginning. Here we report on a systematic attempt to design two bioinformatics workshops for graduate biology students on the basis of Gagne's(More)
  • Mohamad Abu-Abied, Inna Mordehaev, Gujulla B Sunil Kumar, Ron Ophir, Geoffrey O. Wasteneys, Einat Sadot +1 other
  • 2015
Adventitious roots (AR) are post embryonic lateral organs that differentiate from non-root tissues. The understanding of the molecular mechanism which underlies their differentiation is important because of their central role in vegetative plant propagation. Here it was studied how the expression of different microtubule (MT)-associated proteins (MAPs) is(More)
MOTIVATION Genes are often characterized dichotomously as either housekeeping or single-tissue specific. We conjectured that crucial functional information resides in genes with midrange profiles of expression. RESULTS To obtain such novel information genome-wide, we have determined the mRNA expression levels for one of the largest hitherto analyzed set(More)
A novel data set, GeneNote (Gene Normal Tissue Expression), was produced to portray complete gene expression profiles in healthy human tissues using the Affymetrix GeneChip HG-U95 set, which includes 62 839 probe-sets. The hybridization intensities of two replicates were processed and analyzed to yield the complete transcriptome for twelve human tissues.(More)
In this work we present two new approaches for constructing phylogenetic trees. The input is a list of weighted quartets over n taxa. Each quartet is a subtree on four taxa, and its weight represents a confidence level for the specific topology. The goal is to construct a binary tree with n leaves such that the total weight of the satisfied quartets is(More)
BACKGROUND Olfactory receptors (ORs) are the largest gene family in the human genome. Although they are expected to be expressed specifically in olfactory tissues, some ectopic expression has been reported, with special emphasis on sperm and testis. The present study systematically explores the expression patterns of OR genes in a large number of tissues(More)
MOTIVATION High density oligonucleotide arrays are usually annotated in a one-to-one fashion, with each probeset assigned to one gene. However, in reality, subsets of oligonucleotides in a probeset may match sequences within more than one gene, potentially leading to misinterpretations. Moreover, a gene is often represented by more than one probeset, and(More)
The interpretation of microarray expression results often includes extensive efforts to identify and annotate the gene representatives immobilised on the arrays. In this paper we describe the usage of our automatic GeneAnnot system, which links between Affymetrix arrays and the rich human gene annotations available in GeneCards. We explain GeneCards search(More)