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PURPOSE Gemcitabine-platinum combination activity has been clearly established in a number of phase II studies. It has also been compared against other combinations in many phase III trials. It is generally believed that all such regimens have an equivalent impact on survival. This meta-analysis aims to quantify the treatment effect of gemcitabine plus a(More)
This multicenter phase II trial evaluated the therapeutic activity and safety profile of pivaloyloxymethyl butyrate (Pivanex, AN-9) as a single agent in refractory non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). Pivanex (2.34 g/m2 per day) was administered as a 6-h continuous intravenous infusion, daily for 3 days, and repeated every 21 days until disease progression.(More)
KEY CLINICAL MESSAGE Pulmonary squamous cell carcinomas are not often thought to sensitive to targeted agents, like their cousin the adenocarcinoma of the lung. With appropriate testing of molecular markers, squamous cell carcinomas, like adenocarcinomas of the lung, melanomas, and renal cell carcinomas, may be found to be sensitive to newer, targeted(More)
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