Ron Martinez

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Telemedicine systems that provide health delivery services to rural clinics and hospitals are being demonstrated in clinical settings. This paper summarizes the research and consortia projects at the University of Arizona Medical Center. The paper describes the Rural and Global Picture Archiving and Communications (PACS) environment developed under a(More)
The US health care industry is in the midst of revolutionary changes. Under tremendous pressures from third-party payers and managed care programs to control costs while providing high quality medical services, health care entities are now looking at information technologies to help them achieve their goals. These goals typically include improved(More)
Much has been learned in the interpretation and use of climate information since the 1997/1998 El Niño event that garnered so much attention. Seasonal-to-interannual forecasts are now produced around the world. However, mismatches in their scales, specificity or communication (of forecast content and uncertainties) with decision-maker needs still hinder(More)
Psychological immersivity is the most important performance measure of effectiveness for media experiences, from watching a computer generated animation to having an interactive experience in a virtual reality (VR) environment. To offer and foster the best value hardware systems and the most effecive software media, we need to know what determines(More)
Ron Martinez and Norbert Schmitt The University of Nottingham While attending a conference in Brazil in 1998, the first author came across a store specializing in video games called “Game Over.” When asked if the locals knew what that expression meant, the store manager’s matter-of-fact reply was, “Todo o mundo sabe” (literally, “the whole world knows”). He(More)
In Brazil, as in much of the academic world, there is an increasing acknowledgement among scholars that their chances of having their research noticed by a geographically diverse scientific community increase when that research is communicated in English. At the same time, much like the majority of the world, the first language of Brazil is not English,(More)
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