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After initial evaluation of a manual fluorescence microscopy system on a variety of urines the method was automated and subsequently tested in a population survey of urinary tract infection in schoolgirls. This automated Bactoscan system allowed a rapid analysis of urine samples and with the introduction of modifications to the staining protocol it(More)
Land-cover change is regarded as the most important global change affecting ecological systems (Vitousek, 1994). Natural landscapes – i.e. those largely unaffected or hardly affected by human activities – are being rapidly transformed into urban and farmland landscapes throughout the world (Foley et al., 2005; Feranec et al., 2010; López and Sierra, 2010).(More)
The prevalence of urinary tract infection in a modern Scottish town has been ascertained in female school children aged 5–12. In 2,234 girls the initial prevalence of urinary tract infection is 3.3%. In addition to the information on urinary tract infection the social and personal history was available including data on incontinence, enuresis and current(More)