Ron Logan-Sinclair

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Nitric oxide (NO) gas is produced by various cells within the lower respiratory tract, including inflammatory and epithelial cells, and is detectable in the exhaled air of normal human subjects. We have measured exhaled NO in patients with asthma, since several cell types that are activated in asthma can produce NO after induction. NO was measured(More)
Nocturnal cough reporting on diary cards has been shown to be unreliable and inconsistent. Whether subjective reporting of daytime cough is equally unreliable remains unknown. We have, therefore, developed a new and easily portable device (RBC-7) that records electromyographic (EMG) and audio cough signals for at least a 24-hr period, with a capacity of(More)
BACKGROUND Exhaled breath volatile organic compound (VOC) analysis for airway disease monitoring is promising. However, contrary to nitric oxide the method for exhaled breath collection has not yet been standardized and the effects of expiratory flow and breath-hold have not been sufficiently studied. These manoeuvres may also reveal the origin of exhaled(More)
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