Ron Li

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This paper summarizes the results and outcomes of our NSF Digital Government project. During four years, this project concentrated on investigating, integrating and developing geospatial technologies to enhance the operational capabilities of federal, state, and local agencies responsible for coastal management and decision making. Successful collaborations(More)
Shoreline mapping and shoreline change detection are critical in many coastal zone applications. This paper presents results of the semi-automatic mapping of a coastal area of Lake Erie using 4-meter resolution multispectral (XS) and 1-meter resolution panchromatic (Pan) IKONOS Geo stereo images. An overview of the geometric processing of IKONOS imagery is(More)
This paper presents results of a coastal decision making system that utilizes the following tools: Internet, wireless technology, and Geographic Information Systems (GIS). The developed system consists of an on-site mobile spatial subsystem, a coastal structure permitting subsystem, and a web-based shoreline erosion awareness subsystem. The system is being(More)
Coastal management and decision-making requires timely and accurate multidimensional geospatial data that often reside in government agencies, organizations, and institutions on various levels. Integration of such data involves research on the spatial and temporal characteristics of coastal geospatial information, interoperability of spatial databases and(More)
This paper presents the status and outcomes of our efforts in using developed coastal geospatial information technology for studying on seagrass degradation in Tampa Bay, FL, in the last period of our NSF-funded Digital Government project. The research results of the project in the first three years are summarized. In the fourth year, the project is focused(More)
QuickBird satellite imagery, provided by DigitalGlobe Inc., has the highest resolution, among the satellite imaging systems that are commercially available. The QuickBird imaging system simultaneously collects 67-72 centimeter resolution stereo panchromatic and 2.44-2.88 meter resolution multispectral images. In this research, a QuickBird stereo pair of(More)