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The use of antibiotics in food animals selects for bacteria resistant to antibiotics used in humans, and these might spread via the food to humans and cause human infection, hence the banning of growth-promoters. The actual danger seems small, and there might be disadvantages to human and to animal health. The low dosages used for growth promotion are an(More)
This paper Þrst shows that, when colleges’ preferences are substitutable, there does not exist any stable matching mechanism that makes truthful revelation of preferences a dominant strategy for every student. It introduces student types and captures colleges’ preferences towards affirmative action via type speciÞc quotas: A college always prefers a set of(More)
A model for prediction of percent intestinal absorption (%Abs) of neutral molecules was developed based upon surface charges of the molecule calculated by density functional theory (DFT). The surface charges are decomposed into sigma moments which are correlated to a partition coefficient representing transfer of the molecule between water and the(More)
This paper looks at the outsourcing of research and development (R&D) activities. We consider cost reducing R&D and allow manufacturing firms to decide whether to outsource the project to research subcontractors or carry out the research in-house. We use a principal-agent framework and consider fixed and revenue-sharing contracts. We solve for the optimal(More)
The number of people waiting for outpatient appointments always rises to a peak in September. Differences between the pattern of GP referrals and the availability of consultant appointments partly explain fluctuations. The day of the week on which consultant clinics are held is an important issue in forecasting. The number of working days in a year ranges(More)
The authors report a case of a 13-year-old female with recurrent Burkitt lymphoma who was heavily pretreated with chemotherapy. During chemotherapy for relapse, she developed serious aspergillus infection of the palate and sinuses. Despite 10 microg/kg of filgrastim for 5 days, peripheral blood CD34(+) cells remained <or=1/microL. Hematopoietic progenitor(More)
We describe herein a conceptual selenium (Se) management model, directed toward coal mining in western Canada, but which can be applied to other coal mines and, with appropriate modification, to other industrial sources of Se to aquatic and terrestrial environments. This conceptual model provides a transparent means to integrate and synthesize existing(More)