Ron Jansen

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The control and manipulation of the electron spin in semiconductors is central to spintronics, which aims to represent digital information using spin orientation rather than electron charge. Such spin-based technologies may have a profound impact on nanoelectronics, data storage, and logic and computer architectures. Recently it has become possible to(More)
Heat generation by electric current, which is ubiquitous in electronic devices and circuits, raises energy consumption and will become increasingly problematic in future generations of high-density electronics. The control and re-use of heat are therefore important topics for existing and emerging technologies, including spintronics. Recently it was(More)
A model is postulated describing the fluctuations in analytical chemical processes in the clinical laboratory. In this model the process variations are described by a non-stationary stochastic process with a significant time-varying mean value. Experiments short-term variance within a run and a long-term variance between runs determined by the time-varying(More)
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